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The future beckons

In the last few days remaining of 2017, Cairo hosted an eminent international leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was his second visit to the Egyptian capital in less than two years. In between, Egypt and the Middle East have witnessed dramatic developments that catapulted Russia to the driver’s seat in shaping the future of …

Hussein Haridi

Putin’s new war, old foes

As Russia embarks on an anti-“Islamic State” bombing campaign in Syria, President Vladimir Putin seems to be reverting to tried and true tactics. Fiona Clark reports from Moscow

Deutsche Welle

Merkel’s realpolitik and Egypt’s lost revolutions

  By Mohamed Selim  “Germany’s government believes that Egypt ought to maintain the basic values of human rights for all its citizens, engage in a dialogue with all the opposing political factions and respect the religious freedoms of all Egyptians.” Those were the words of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in her 30 January 2013 presser with …

Daily News Egypt