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EU interior ministers fail to agree on refugee deal

EU interior ministers were supposed to agree on a relocation scheme for refugees. But they split up without even coming to a common conclusion, postponing any decisions to October. Andrea Rönsberg reports from Brussels. In the end, Luxembourg’s minister for immigration and asylum was proven wrong. “I am convinced that we can muster the power, …

Deutsche Welle

The Middle East: Who says the popular quest for change has been quelled?

A series of recent mass protests in several Arab countries have called into question suggestions that civil wars, brutal crackdowns and military coups and interventions have quelled popular willingness to stand up for rights in the Middle East. The protests, although focussed on specific social and economic demands, fundamentally have the same objectives as popular …

James Dorsey

Syria can only be saved at the peace table

Syrian refugees are so anxious for the brutal civil war to end, one exclaimed: “If God let the war end tomorrow, we would walk barefoot back home.” Nikki Gamer, of Catholic Relief Services, just met Syrians displaced in Lebanon and Jordan. She says: “They want the violence to stop. And they want to return to …

Daily News Egypt

Dozens killed in Saudi strike on Yemen

More than 30 civilians, said to be workers at a bottling factory, have been killed in a Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen. Meanwhile, unknown gunmen have assassinated the head of security in the port city of Aden

Deutsche Welle

‘I could no longer live in Syria’

Syrian refugee Alaa Houd left his job and family and hired people smugglers to make his way to the wealthy countries of Western Europe. Hiring people smugglers was his only way of leaving war-torn Syria. DW reporter Diana Hodali spoke with Syrian Alaa Houd and recounted his story for him.

Deutsche Welle

International cooperation needed to feed hungry Syrians

As Syrian refugees face increasing hunger, we can find inspiration from Egypt’s own history to meet this humanitarian emergency. It was April 1946, when the former United States president Herbert Hoover came to Cairo on an urgent mission. Famine threatened the globe. President Harry Truman dispatched Hoover as a food ambassador.  His goal was to find food supplies that could …

Daily News Egypt

Fight continues 10 years after Israel ‘left’ Gaza

When Israel’s army withdrew from Gaza in 2005, many hoped that peace would follow. Ten years on, some say the move was a mistake, while others are asking if the occupation, as defined by international law, ever ended. On August 15, 2005, emotional images of Israeli soldiers made their way around the world as the …

Deutsche Welle

Japan marks 70 years since its surrender ended World War Two

There were bows and “banzai” chants at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine as politicians, veterans, and nationalists paid their respects to the over two million Japanese who died in World War Two. Julian Ryall reports from Tokyo. On a table at a refreshment stand in the grounds of Yasukuni Shrine, Tadashi Shimomura set up two framed photographs. …

Deutsche Welle

Truce called between Syrian regime, insurgents

A monitoring group has said talks yield 48-hour ceasefire in northwest Syria along Lebanon border. A simultaneous ceasefire has been called to give relief to two loyalist villages in Idlib province. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says a deal to halt attacks was reached late Tuesday by the Islamist insurgent group Ahrar al-Sham …

Deutsche Welle

In memory of Srebrenica: An endless dispute

By Maydaa Abou Nadr It all started in early 1992. A year after the secession of Croatia and Slovenia from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991, the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested its independence. At the time, Bosnia and Herzegovina was divided as follows:  Muslim Bosniaks represented 44% of the community; …

Daily News Egypt

Sisi State vs Sinai State

Five months ago, after another massive attack, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi declared the situation to be an existential struggle. Months later, Al-Sisi is a student in desperate need of a Sinai strategy tutorial. North Sinai experienced three attacks on 12 April: the first, left six dead in an IED attack on an Egyptian personnel carrier, the second …

Daily News Egypt