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Netanyahu in Washington: The charm-offensive

The two leaders’ poor relationship is the stuff of Washington legend, the frequency of their encounters not a sign of mutual affection but the sheer volume of grim business they have dealt with during their overlapping tenures.

Deutsche Welle

What do Egyptians want from the United States?

Sometimes when I find myself exposed to US policy regarding Egypt, I hear a lot of commentary from American researchers and journalists. What draws my attention most with regards to some of these commentaries, and attracts the most displeasure with regards to the volume of criticism levelled against American policy throughout the region, is when …

Farid Zahran

Op-ed review: US-Egyptian relations

Columnist Ziad Bahaa El-Din explores the reasons behind the current tension between Egypt and the United States, the uproar of US public opinion and Egypt’s path to democracy. Ziad Bahaa El-Din The United States and the democratic path in Egypt Al-Shorouk Newspaper Columnist Ziad Bahaa El-Din begins his article with the trial of foreign NGO …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Kerry will meet with head of the Arab League Nabil Al-Arabi and a group of businessmen (AFP Photo)

Kerry postpones Mideast visit: official

US officials had never officially announced that Kerry had planned to head back to Israel on what would have been his fifth trip to the region since making the resumption of peace talks a priority of his tenure in office.

Daily News Egypt

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