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Kremlin admits TV accidentally showed secret weapons plans

Two Russian television channels have unintentionally aired footage containing confidential information on military weapon systems, Russian officials said. The pictures allegedly showed plans for a nuclear torpedo. The televised images show a military officer looking at a confidential document during a meeting of President Putin with army top brass in Sochi. “It’s true some secret …

Deutsche Welle

Interior ministry announces dismantlement of terrorist cells

Security forces apprehended a number of individuals allegedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood over the past several days, according to Ministry of Interior spokesman Major Hani Abdul Latif. Among these were six individuals who first came to the attention of the police via “a number of inflammatory Facebook pages” suggesting their involvement in subversive activities. …

Daily News Egypt

The Islamists’ Secret Weapon

As soon as our blessed revolution succeeded in realising its main demand and remove Mubarak from office, a streaming flood of Islamists ran through all veins of life in Egypt. Suddenly, ideology became identity, difference became blasphemy and tolerance became treachery. Since way before and during the 18 days, the Islamists felt an over-estimated sense …

Ziad A. Akl

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