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Can Stradivarius violins weather climate change?

The forest where the wood for Stradivarius violins comes from has been used for 300 years to build some of the best string instruments in the world. Climate change might change that. Angelo van Schaik reports.Back in the 17th century, Antonio Stradivari traveled for two days from his hometown Cremona to the Paneveggio forest in …

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Extreme weather threatens African society and economy

Droughts, floods and storms are hitting Africa with increasing frequency. With so many people dependent on subsistence agriculture, the results can be devastating, and the future looks uncertain.Drought in the Horn of Africa, flooding in East Africa, mudslides in Sierra Leone, snow in high-altitude areas of the Sahara desert. News of extreme weather patterns across …

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Climate change makes weather extremes the new normal

On World Meteorological Day, DW provides an overview of how global warming is changing our lived experience of the climate.News of the hottest year, the wettest winter and suffocating summers are no longer a surprise. We’re getting used to extreme weather – and that’s worrying. In 2016, Earth’s surface reached its warmest temperatures since 1880. …

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Berlin 24/7: The season’s filthy weather

Berlin in winter makes people sick and depressed. Columnist Gero Schliess advises visitors to stay away from the city and hope for better times – like the summer.Warning. This is an urgent warning for all people traveling to Berlin: It is now winter in the German capital. It’s cold, dark and forbidding; days are dull …

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UN: 2015 on track to be the hottest year ever

The UN weather agency has said that this year will likely be the warmest on record and 2016 only looks hotter. It has called for action to curb the extreme effects of human-induced global warming. This year is likely to be the hottest individual year on record, with 2011-2015 becoming the hottest five-year period, according …

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Extreme weather: what’s normal – what isn’t?

When the weather goes crazy – is climate change necessarily to blame? Or can it be attributed to regular whims of nature? DW has the numbers. 2014 was a calm year – at least as far as the effects of natural disasters are concerned. When looking at the news, one may get a different impression, …

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