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Media message in Egypt

There is no doubt the talk about media in Egypt at this time is very difficult, and the reason is that there is a fierce attack on the oppressed/unjust media. The media is made up of presenters and journalists working in a television channel, radio station, newspaper, or website. Media also includes recipients of people …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

The ArtsMart team during a street show Courtsey of ArtsMart

Online gallery ArtsMart launched

“We had the idea in 2009 to create a space where up and coming artists could display their work, since it is hard to find galleries that will show work of young artists,” Mowafy said. “At the same time it is not easy for interested buyers to find affordable art; many people are looking to find something to hang on their wall but are not in the market to buy investment art.”

Adel Heine

Meetphool: Where art meets art

The platform serves as a link between artists and facilitates for them to connect and have access to new and innovative ideas and to showcase their projects easily.

Salma Hamed

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