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Latest in Tag: West Bank

Egypt condemns Israel's approval for 780 new settlement units in West Bank

Egypt condemns Israel’s approval for 780 new settlement units in West Bank

Egypt has condemned the Israeli authorities’ approval of a project to construct 780 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank, as a new violation of international law. Ahmed Hafez, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reiterated Egypt’s total rejection of the continued settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories, including in East Jerusalem. He …

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US abstention on Israeli settlement resolution too little, too late

The United States’ abstention from voting on the UN security council’s anti-settlement resolution is a serious blow to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy of annexation in the West Bank. The bureau of Israel’s prime minister said that “Israel rejects the contemptible, anti-Israel UN resolution and will not subordinate itself to it.” The decision to abstain from voting is the …

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Part II: Putting one’s ear to the ground: rumblings of mounting discontent

(The following is a transcript of a lecture presented at the Middle East Institute’s conference “The Middle East peace process after the Arab uprisings”.) Israeli Palestinian youth hold a racist Israeli society responsible for their plight but feel a Palestinian society that refuses to acknowledge their plight is equally guilty. Abed recalls a childhood friend …

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EU invokes ‘dark memories’ in labeling Israeli products from the West Bank

Israeli wineries prepare to pursue new markets as European Union passes guidelines requiring clear settlement indications. Daniella Cheslow reports from Israel. Ester Kluge was visiting Israel from her native city of Ulm in Germany this month when she heard about the European Union regulations that require labeling the products of Israeli settlements in the West …

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‘The martyrs of Jalazone’: Life in a West Bank camp

About 16,000 people live in the Jalazone refugee camp in the West Bank. The situation is alarming. Some youths see violence as their only way out. Sven Pöhle reports from Ramallah. Dozens of posters line the alleys of Jalazone, a refugee camp northeast of Ramallah. There are commemorative plaques everywhere. Faces look out from large …

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