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Egyptian women turn to technology to provide for their families

Sitting at home, Noha Soliman, a 35-year-old homemaker, occasionally spent her free time making home accessories, fabrics, and wood paintings. She often participated in exhibitions to sell some of her wares and earn some extra cash, but the return was neither sustainable nor enough. “But a website called To7fa Bazaar turned my life around,” Soliman …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Egypt’s women champions continue victories in the world of squash

Egypt’s Nada Abbas won the 2016 London Squash Open, which came to an end on 4 December. Abbas defeated England’s Julianne Courtice in the final match with a score of 3-2 (8/11, 11/4, 11/7, 12/14, 11/6). The victory comes one day after the Egyptian women’s squash national team won the 2016 Women’s World Team Squash …

Maya Nawar

Egypt comes out on top at 2016 Women’s World Team Squash Championship

Egypt’s national women’s squash team surprised the world on Saturday when it won the 2016 Women’s World Team Squash Championship in France. This is the third time for the women’s team to win the championship. The team first won in 2008, and then won a second time in 2012. This year’s victory came after Egypt …

Maya Nawar

Egypt continues to dominate Women’s World Team Squash Championship

On Wednesday, the 2016 Women’s World Team Squash Championship held the third round of the first group, in which Egypt defeated Mexico with a 3-0 victory. Raneem El Welily beat Mexico’s Nayelly Hernandez, 3-0 (11-9/11-6/11-2); Nouran Gohar won against Diana Garcia, 3-0, (11-6/11-6/11-5); and Omneya Abdel Kawy defeated Diana Anguiano, 3-0, (11-5/11-4/11-8). On Tuesday the …

Maya Nawar

Equality for women can reduce world hunger

  Giving women the same tools and resources as men, such as financial support, education, and access to markets, could reduce the number of hungry people worldwide by up to 150 million. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other humanitarian agencies estimate that 925 million people across the world are undernourished. Of this number, …

Cesar Chelala

Violence against women: hesitant legislatures and societal obstacles

The world is celebrating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women through the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. Just a week ago, 15-year-old Reem Magdy, Egypt’s wrestling world champion, left this world after her father beat her, pushing her to jump out of a fast-moving car and die on …

Abdel Salam Sidahmed

Women dominate the face of unemployment in Egypt: researchers

Young women with university degrees are five times more likely to be unemployed than young men in Egypt, according to the Population Council’s research on gender disparity in access to higher education. While there are nine women for every 10 men in university and the gender gap is narrowing, the percentage of unemployment after graduation …

Jihad Abaza

What a Hillary Clinton victory would mean for Egyptian women

Can a woman winning the White House change history for Egyptian women? Over the past year, I have been addressing this question with female Egyptian intellectuals in Cairo. Before discussing the intellectual women’s view of the US election, it is worth keeping in mind that only around 28% of Egyptians go to university. So most of the …

Amal Hamada

Aman initiative aims to start a national anti-harassment movement

With every news report, the number of incidents of sexual harassment in Egypt rapidly increases. Despite the continuous efforts of effective initiatives and official actions, the numbers have increased notably over the past decade, putting Egypt at the forefront of discrimination against women. Mosawah organisation for training and counselling recently announced the launch of its …

Daily News Egypt

People call me a feminist writer because I’m obsessed with women’s problems, dreams, innovations: writer Rasha Samir

With her obsession of tackling women’s problems and expressing their struggles and life battles, Rasha Samir sheds light on the main challenges women have encountered in our society throughout history. Although she holds a master’s degree in dentistry, she has never withheld her endless passion for writing. Her most recent novels, such as Girls in …

Rana Khaled

Number of snooker tournaments for women to increase: IBSF president

Given Egypt’s uncertain political and economic situation, the tourism industry has been suffering greatly over the past few years. The government along with various entities and institutions are endeavouring to host events that would attract tourists and portray the country as a safe, entertaining haven. One of those events was the 2016 International Billiards and …

Maya Nawar

The future is in our hands: why Egypt needs gender equality

Unfortunately, it will come as no surprise to those of you reading this that women are treated as less equal than men in Egypt. Although this inequality is a global phenomenon, it is more prominent and widespread across the Arab world and in Egypt. The proof lies before our own eyes everyday: your grandmother who …

Malak Maurice

World Population Day: investing in women

The world’s population is growing at the expense of women’s health. With nearly one in five women already mothers by their 18th birthday, the UN has made women’s rights the focus of this year’s World Population

Deutsche Welle

Women: a benchmark of Saudi and Iranian reform

With Saudi Arabia announcing plans for a major restructuring of the kingdom’s economy and Iran gearing up to become a regional hegemony, women’s sports are emerging as a benchmark of reform, and one that so far is less than promising. Saudi Arabia’s recent outline of plans for large scale economic reform away from the kingdom’s …

James Dorsey

India needs to take action against systematic gender discrimination

The barbaric rape and setting fire to a 15-year-old girl in India is just the latest in a continuous series of rapes across the country. Repeated cases of gang rape in India are not isolated incidents, but rather a reflection of widespread gender discrimination in the country. It is difficult to equate India’s rapid economic and technological development with such …

Cesar Chelala