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UK women work for free for the rest of the year

Because of a lingering gap between what female and male workers earn, women in Britain are effectively working for free from Monday until the end of 2015. The government has called the discrepancies “a scandal.” Women working full-time in Britain took home about 5,000 pounds ($7,500, 6,980 euros) less a year than their male colleagues, …

Deutsche Welle

Egypt: Country of remarkable, yet jailed, women

By Semanur Karaman and Sara Katrine Brandt No country in the world is safe for women human rights defenders, yet Egypt is particularly dangerous for women who want to contribute to democracy and assert their presence in the public-political sphere. Here are a few examples of defenders who have been punished, attacked, who have experienced …

Daily News Egypt

The increasing role of women entrepreneurs

By Dr Cesar Chelala In recent times, women are increasingly becoming an engine for economic and cultural progress worldwide, oftentimes fighting against disadvantageous circumstances. Such is the case of the owner of a small art gallery in the city of Troy, New York. In 2001 the city had a new addition to its artistic heritage, the Martinez …

Daily News Egypt

Ignacio Artaza

New data show that years of efforts are paying off in fighting FGM

By Ignacio Artaza I was recently in Aswan to meet with the local government, partner NGOs, and people working together to fight against female genital mutilation (FGM), a widespread practice in Egypt that predates both Christianity and Islam and was criminalised by Egyptian law in 2008. What a refreshing experience!  The commitment and dedication I …

Daily News Egypt

The inner journey of Marwa Adel

“Marwa Adel is one of the most professional photographers in the world, and she has a statement to make, and it is a very important one regarding women and society,” said Professor Shems Friedlander, director of the AUC’s photographic gallery.

Daily News Egypt