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Egyptian women struggle for equality and freedom

Nearly twenty months after last year’s mass uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s women are again taking to the streets, demanding “bread, freedom and social justice,” the same demands made by pro-democracy activists protesting in Tahrir Square during the 25 January revolution. A women’s rally outside the Shura (Consultative) Council headquarters on Qasr Al-Eini …

Shahira Amin

Morsy tweets from Mars

President Mohamed Morsy recently said on Twitter, “respect for human rights in all dimensions: faith, culture, social, economic, and political must be a key component in all our work”. In another, he said, “we do not have minorities; all Egyptian citizens are treated equally.” I wonder if Mr President has read the news lately or …

Rana Allam

A pointless piece of cloth debate

Few hours after Fatma Nabil has read the 12 o’clock news bulletin in her full cream-colored veil, the Egyptian media sphere has quivered with endless controversial discussions on the extent to which the entire country is deliberately being ‘Ikhwanised’. Being the first Egyptian female newsreader ever to appear on Egypt’s state television, the move assuredly …

Daily News Egypt

Your ID, Your rights

Thousands of marginilised women in Qalyoubia are now the proud owners of national IDs but it will be a while yet, before all four million women in Egypt who are without national IDs – can acquire their cards and their rights

Shahira Amin

Women of Egypt

They make up over half the population of Egypt. Their opinions are as diverse as their locations. They go to school. They work, either in a job or by taking care of their families. They are fierce in their beliefs. They differ in background and in levels of education. They proudly share one thing – they are the women of Egypt.

Adel Heine

With the influx of alternative approaches to healing a new profession is introduced to Egypt: the Doula.

Doula, the woman who serves

The Greek word doula literally means ‘a woman who serves’. It is an accurate description of what a Doula does; she assists a woman mentally, emotionally and physically through the process of labour and birth.

Adel Heine

Women of Egypt

Sara is a 24 year old lawyer and lives in Shobra. Wahida Ragab Ibrahim is a 44 year old housewife and lives in Shobra El-Kheima. We asked them how the revolution affected them and what their hopes for the future are.

Two Egyptian women – two opinions.

Adel Heine

Women in Colour

The new series of paintings by Mariam Mourad Abdelmesih is a tribute to the strength of Egyptian women

Adel Heine

Letter To The Editor

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