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Latest in Tag: women’s day

Egypt celebrates its own women`s day on 16 March

The 16 March is a special day in the history of Egyptian women’s struggle towards her rights, the roots of the day dates back to 1919 when women participated for the first time in political demonstrations during the1919 revolution.

Nehal Samir

Op-ed review: Heart Institute director, Women’s Day, Algeria

In Sunday newspaper issues, Egyptian columnists followed the decision of the dismissal of Gamal Shaban, the director of Egyptian National Heart Institute. They also wrote about the International Women’s Day, which was celebrated last Friday, as well as the ongoing uprising in Algeria. In Al-Masry Al-Youm, Mohamed Amin wondered about the extent of Egyptian ministers’ …

Fatma Lotfi

Protesters support Samira Ibrahim on Egyptian Women’s Day

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Hundreds of protesters rallied Friday in front of the High Court in support of Samira Ibrahim, one of the activists who were subjected to the virginity tests while in detentions last year, marking Egyptian Women’s Day. Egypt’s military court acquitted Sunday conscript doctor Ahmed Adel, who was accused of conducting forced virginity …


Egyptian women honored for overcoming obstacles, barriers

By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef CAIRO: Mo’mena Badawy is a middle-aged woman who has been her family’s sole breadwinner since her husband was left crippled from an accident in 1993. Despite the social and financial hardships she faces daily, she manages to support her family, offering her children an education and providing them will all their needs. …


FJP women say rights ‘go beyond’ international laws

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: On International Women’s Day, female members of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, said their views on women’s rights go beyond what is advocated by current international laws. “Some may believe that our view of female participation in the political arena is not in line with [international …


Egyptian protesters mark Women’s Day, chanting against SCAF and Islamists

By Safaa Abdoun and Dalia Rabie CAIRO: Hundreds marched from the Journalists’ Syndicate to the People’s Assembly Thursday to mark International Women’s Day, with chants mainly directed at the ruling military council and the dominant Islamist parliamentary blocs. Female and male protesters chanted against Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of the ruling Supreme Council of the …


On Women’s Day, remember our Arab sisters

By Amat Al Alim Alsoswa Arab women have fought bravely over the last year to demand dignity and new freedoms. And their courage has been noted: In December, my Yemeni sister Tawakkol Karman became the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Prize for Peace, in recognition of her principled democratic activism. But launching transitions was …


Women’s groups to commemorate Int’l Women’s Day

By Mohamed Samir / Reuters CAIRO: A number of women’s rights groups are planning marches to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, downplaying a repeat of last year’s scenario when some men infiltrated the march and harassed the women. While Mozn Hassan, director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, a women’s rights-focused research organization, said that …


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