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Latest in Tag: women’s rights

Changing dominant narrative of women on stage

To a considerable extent, the media plays a key role in promoting negative concepts and attitudes toward women. Doubtless, the media not only gives people information and entertainment, but it also impacts people’s lives by shaping their opinions and beliefs.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Op-ed review: Egypt’s political opposition, women’s rights and David Kirkpatrick

On political opposition in Egypt, two contradicting views were portrayed in Sunday’s op-eds. Over the weekend, several government critics were arrested including former ambassador Maasoum Marzouk who announced an initiative calling for a public referendum on the regime’s stay in power. The first op-ed in the state-owned media Al-Ahram by Morsi Atallah and political currents …

Amira El-Fekki

Gender relations in Egypt: a philosophical facelift

An Egyptian philosopher friend advised me to watch The Three Faces of Eve (1957) as a guide to the abysmal status of women here in Egypt, and boy, did I discover a thing or two watching this black and white classic on multiple personality syndrome. Not just about the kind of twin tracks modern-day Egypt …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Egypt: Country of remarkable, yet jailed, women

By Semanur Karaman and Sara Katrine Brandt No country in the world is safe for women human rights defenders, yet Egypt is particularly dangerous for women who want to contribute to democracy and assert their presence in the public-political sphere. Here are a few examples of defenders who have been punished, attacked, who have experienced …

Daily News Egypt

Running for sexism

Running has long been used to promote causes; fighting cancer, eradicating poverty, promoting literacy among other worthy endeavours. It has been used by men to spread awareness, including women’s rights. In Europe, the well-known “walk a mile in her shoes” displays men wearing high heels and walking a mile to draw attention to the different …

Sara Abou Bakr

Equality for women and girls is progress for all: Lydia’s story

By Sabine Pallas Each year on 8 March, the International Land Coalition (ILC) celebrates International Women’s Day. The theme for 2014 is ‘Equality for women is progress for all’. The story of one young woman I met in Rwanda recently during a learning route organised by ILC and the NGO Procasur illustrates this theme perfectly. …

Daily News Egypt

Managing editor Rana Allam

On women in Egypt: Equality doesn’t mean justice

In late 2013, Thomson Reuters conducted a poll ranking Egypt the worst country among 22 Arab League states for women’s rights. The poll measured women’s status in six different categories. First, “Women in politics” calculated women’s civil representation and presence in high public positions. “Women in society” measured tradition and cultural expectations and limitations of …

Rana Allam