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Egyptian protesters mark Women’s Day, chanting against SCAF and Islamists

By Safaa Abdoun and Dalia Rabie CAIRO: Hundreds marched from the Journalists’ Syndicate to the People’s Assembly Thursday to mark International Women’s Day, with chants mainly directed at the ruling military council and the dominant Islamist parliamentary blocs. Female and male protesters chanted against Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of the ruling Supreme Council of the …


On the revolution’s anniversary, men stand up for women’s rights in Egypt

By Alice Hackman CAIRO: On January 25, hope filled the air as Egyptian activists took to the streets in tens of thousands on the anniversary of the revolution, this time asking for a new president before a new constitution. Stories from the square were mostly of renewed optimism — but there were also a few stories …


Women demand equal rights in new charter

By AFP CAIRO: Fifteen Egyptian groups called on Tuesday for women’s rights to be guaranteed in the new constitution, after a popular uprising that toppled the regime paved the way for a new charter. “We are not proposing a new constitution, but we want women’s rights to be included,” Amina ElBendary, a professor of Arab …


Women protect rights from Islamist groups

By Sarah Mikhail /Reuters CAIRO: Feminists dismayed that Egypt’s revolution is failing to advance their cause are trying to rally disparate women’s groups to defend women’s rights from perceived threats from resurgent Islamists and other conservatives. “The revolution is stolen by the military, the government, professionally organized groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and traditional political parties …


UN Women’s first report notes progress and remaining inequalities for Egyptian women

CAIRO: In its first global report, UN Women, established last year to accelerate progress on gender equality and women’s empowerment, highlighted vast improvements women in Egypt and across the region have made in recent decades, but noted the significant work that lies ahead. According to the report released Wednesday titled “Progress of the World’s Women: …


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