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Egypt’s economy: A state of ‘zugzwang’

By: Mohamed A. Fouad The Egyptian economy is slated for a growth of only 2% in the fiscal year ending June 2013. Despite President Mohamed Morsi’s hope for a 5.5% growth next year, the outlook for 2014 is not flattering. Earlier this year, the World Bank forecasted economic growth at 3.8% for 2014 and in a …

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In Egypt, it helps to have the ‘right’ parents

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy Circumstances beyond our control, including our parents’ job titles, have become more important in deciding the fate of young Egyptians in the job market, World Bank data shows. The type of job a young person ends up with is heavily influenced by the occupations of their parents, underscoring the inequality …

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Egypt Discusses a New Loan with the World Bank

By Mohamed Salah The Egyptian government has started negotiating loan with the World Bank to finance the privatisation and restructuring of the public sector. The former International Monetary Fund’s assistant managing director, Dr. Fakhry El-Fekky, said the government may have to continue the privatisation process started by the previous governments. He said there are indicators …

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