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Subsidies, dumping, tariffs, import restrictions on negotiation table between government, WTO

Magdy Makki, director-general of decision support at the Egyptian Customs Authority, said that the procedures of trade facilitation are being discussed with the World Trade Organization (WTO) delegation, as well as Egypt’s offer to facilitate the movement of bilateral trade. He added that during the meeting, facilitation was discussed in relation to the interest and …

Ahmed Farahat

Does the WTO still contribute to World Trade?

In 1948, after years of negotiations, more than 50 nations signed the Havana Charter to create the International Trade Organization (ITO). But in the 1950s, President Truman decided not to resubmit the ITO charter to Congress for ratification due to perceived threats to national sovereignty and the danger of too much ITO intervention in markets. …

Michael Czinkota

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