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Ahmed Naji: Creativity and morality in Egypt

Naji’s recent sentence is not the first and will not be the last. Egypt’s history of prosecuting writers and thinkers dates back thousands of years. Our track record in this matter is no better than the Catholic Church’s. During the past few months and in the last couple of weeks, several cases like Naji’s took …

Ziad A. Akl

Notable writer Gamal El-Ghitani dies at age 70

Egyptian renowned writer Gamal El-Ghitani died Sunday after being a coma since August. El-Ghitani stands as one of Egypt’s literature heavyweights, winning many prizes and gaining international recognition. His last decoration was the Nile Award for Literature in 2015. He was also responsible for establishing Egypt’s most posh literary publications in 1993, after a successful …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Al-Nour’s inner conflict

Egyptian columnists have recently been inundating their readers with analyses of the root causes of internal clashes hitting the infrastructure of the salafist Al-Nour party. Some have put the blame on the party’s lack of experience in the political arena. Other writers explore the recent developments taking place in Sinai, especially in Rafah, where Christian …

Daily News Egypt

Review: columnists discuss strikes and challenges of constitution

The increasing trend of protests and sit-ins affecting Egypt’s governorates are analysed by some columnists, while others keep their attention focused on the challenges facing the draft constitution.   Fahmy Howeidi We brought down the walls, but didn’t build bridges Al-Shorouk newspaper There were around 1400 strikes and demonstrations across Egypt in a span of …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Sinai, Morsy’s independence and liberal powers

Although President Morsy has commenced his first trip to China, which will be followed by a unique trip to Iran, most columnists across Egyptian newspapers have not touched upon the presidential trips. Opinion writers commented on the importance of Morsy’s independence from his Islamist group and some have warned against possible occurrences of violence and …

Daily News Egypt

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