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Latest in Tag: Xi Jinping

Xinhua Commentary: Multilateralism matters

As the most universal, representative and authoritative international organization, the United Nations has now become the most important multilateral arena to promote peace, and address regional and global issues.


Xi calls for restraint after attacks on Saudi oil facilities

Xi made the remarks in phone talks with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who briefed him about the incident. The attacks on Saudi oil facilities have had an impact on the situation in the Gulf region and on the international energy market, he said.


Xi Jinping and the ‘Chinese Dream’

This DW series explores China’s rise as a global superpower. In this article we examine the “Chinese Dream,” which shapes the present and reaches far into the future, encapsulating President Xi’s vision for the country.The rest of the world rubs its eyes in astonishment. In just under three decades, China has transformed itself from being …

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Trump meets his creditor – China’s Xi Jinping

The leaders of the world’s two biggest economies, Donald Trump und Xi Jinping, are scheduled to meet at the US president’s private resort in Florida. They have different views on free trade and many other topics.US President Donald Trump loves to portray his country as a victim of free trade. That’s because the United States …

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