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Civil society workers ask for freedom, end of threats

Following the ministry’s decision, 29 NGOs responded through a joint statement announcing their rejection of the law, as it “allows the administrative authority to severely interfere with the NGOs’ affairs, objecting and cancelling their decisions, and ignoring their independence”.

Menna Zaki

Lifestyle: Year in review

The Lifestyle pages in 2013 were filled with stories about health, fashion, jewellery, food, wellness and green initiatives, to name but a few. We went to new restaurants to try out the food, investigated hosting a colony of bees on our roof, found out what roller derby is and shared an abundance of tasty recipes with you. Here is a sample of our favourites of 2013.

Daily News Egypt

Art&Culture: A year in review

The Art&Culture scene went through a few difficult phases in 2013 but managed to survive and even flourish. Music, contemporary dance, photography, festivals and exhibitions, regardless, despite or because of the restrictions the political climate and reality imposed, artists everywhere used their talent to chronicle the times we lived in.

While society was divided along stricter lines in the past year, artists in Egypt found inspiration in the differences and the diversity in their work made for a year filled with art that moved, surprised and made us think. Here are some of our highlights of 2013.

Daily News Egypt

Egypt 2013 in numbers

52%: Voter turnout in the second round of Egypt’s presidential elections 2012, compared to 46.4% in the first round. Source: The Official Website of the Presidential Elections Committee 2012.   6%: Percentage of the villages in Egypt which have sanitation systems. Source: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)   43%: Percentage of Egyptian females who …

Daily News Egypt

A Year in Review: Constitutional mazes

For the past two years whoever has been in power in Egypt has taken it upon themselves to issue constitutional decrees in order to right the wrongs of previous decrees. Predictably, this plunged the country into constitutional chaos.

Liliana Mihaila

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