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Shelling and gunfire reported in Yemen, despite truce

Violence has rumbled on in Yemen, even after a Saudi-announced "humanitarian" truce came into effect. Airstrikes by the Riyadh-led coalition appear to have stopped, but the rebels appeared unimpressed. Even before the truce deadline passed at 11.59 p.m. local time (1059 UTC) on Sunday, it had already been unclear to what extent it would be observed by either side. While…

Deutsche Welle

Yemen: The ravaging of a country

Recent indiscriminate air attacks by Saudi Arabia on civilians in Harez (northwest of Yemen) have resulted in 33 civilian deaths, and left 67 people with serious injuries. Those numbers add up to what is increasingly becoming a national tragedy, as coalition forces continue their attacks on Houthi fighters. Cities on the northern border with Saudi …

Cesar Chelala

Countering political violence: Tackle the root causes

By James M. Dorsey European officials, describing recruitment efforts by the Islamic State in Bosnia Herzegovina, mired in a toxic mix of economic malaise and ethnic tension, reportedly fear they may regret having failed to tackle the country’s structural problems in the two decades since the end of the Yugoslav wars. The regret could apply …

Daily News Egypt

Arab Spring and the rise of non-state actors

By Fadi Elhusseini In the past four years, Arabs have been living an endless Sisyphean ordeal, an unexpected nightmare after rising for what they called “the Arab Spring”. A very similar scenario was cloned in most of the Arab Spring countries. Alas, a hopeful revolution turned into belligerence, then into strife followed by a war, …

Daily News Egypt

Yemen: In the name of Restoring ‘Hope’

By Waleed R. Derhem It has been a month into the beginning of the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen, and yet the battle on the ground is not over. The coalition claims a win in achieving the objectives and goals by announcing a glorious end to “Decisive Storm” and the beginning of the second stage of …

Daily News Egypt